Prisoner Rehabilitation Program


Over 40 years ago, Rabbi Grossman went to a correctional facility to visit the brother of a young man that he met at one of the discos in Migdal HaEmek. Today, ten Israeli prisons facilitate what has since become a dynamic prisoner rehabilitation program.

The participants in the program receive counseling, job training, a strengthened connection to their Jewish roots, and more. They are housed in a separated, designated section of the prison which is the most conducive to rehabilitation, as it is virtually drug and alcohol free.

A true miracle of this program is its low recidivism rates. According to the latest statistics, 80% of the program participants do not return to prison, as opposed to the rest of the Israeli prison population, where 80% do return.

Rabbi Grossman makes regular visits to the prisons to teach and encourage the inmates, either in private meetings or by holding events such as Chanukah celebrations. It is not uncommon to see Rabbi Grossman dancing with prisoners, lighting a menorah on Chanukah or providing meaningful words of encouragement. The program runs at Hasharon, Ramlah, Tel Mond, Shatah, Rimonim, Atliet, Megido and three additional prisons in the Beer Sheva area. Over 1,000 prisoners participate in this program each year.

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