Chag Saveah Food Package Distribution System


Did you know that 1 in 10 Israeli families live below the poverty line, and that 35% of all children in Israel go hungry on a daily basis because their impoverished parents cannot afford to buy food?

Migdal Ohr is attempting to reduce these heartbreaking statistics with a twice-yearly country-wide Food Package Distributions Program entitle Chag Saveah. This life-saving program was launched in 2004 by the children and alumni of Migdal Ohr who saw firsthand how food poverty was affecting their country.

This important campaign initially began with the distribution of 500 food packages for needy families at Passover. In the past 10 years, thanks to many generous corporate partners and individual donors, it has grown into a national endeavor, offering sustenance to over 25,000 indigent adults and their children in Israel during the Passover and Rosh Hashanah holidays.

Several weeks prior to the start of the holidays, Migdal Ohr begins the daunting task of collecting non-perishable food items and monetary donations (with which to purchase additional food) from corporations, supermarkets, food suppliers, and private supporters. All of the donations are shipped to a warehouse where the Migdal Ohr staff will then start to assemble food packages. Immediately prior to the holidays, they then distribute these food packages to poor families throughout Israel. Each year, Migdal Ohr’s call center is inundated with inquiries from low income families who do not have the funds to feed their family. Migdal Ohr is hoping to continue to expand this program in the near future in order to further accommodate the burgeoning needs of low-income families in Israel.

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