Bridal Program, Salon and Hachnasat Kalah


Many young girls enter Migdal Ohr psychologically scarred, without any means of emotional or financial support. Our caring and dedicated staff accompanies them through every stage of their lives, being there for all of their major life cycle events.

The most exciting time is when the girls become brides. Once children at-risk, they are now happy and confident young women, ready to start families and give to their children so much more than they were given by their parents.

However, many brides-to-be do not have the means to pay for even the simplest wedding. Migdal Ohr’s Bridal Fund provides each former student with a beautiful, modest wedding, as well as the financial support so that the newlywed couple can set up their new household together with pride and dignity. Through this fund, each alumni wedding includes invitations, a ceremony and reception space, a modest meal, a photographer, and a one-man orchestra.

Additionally, each bride has access to Migdal Ohr’s Bridal Salon. Located on the Migdal HaEmek campus, this salon offers each bride the choice of a designer wedding gown and gorgeous jewelry and accessories. These gowns and accessories have been generously donated by boutiques and donors around the world. A professional seamstress alters the gown to the bride’s own measurements. On her big day, a team of caring volunteers provides the bride with professional hair styling and makeup so that she can feel beautiful and special on her wedding day.

Thanks to the support from donors around the world, Migdal Ohr’s Bridal Fund currently sponsors over 120 alumni weddings each year!

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