Social Services

In addition to providing a stable educational framework for more than 3,000 orphaned and impoverished youth annually, Migdal Ohr offers a vast array of extra curricula recreational programs and vital social services to serve thousands of needy and indigent families and their children throughout Israel.

Bridal Program, Salon and Hachnasat Kalah

Many young girls enter Migdal Ohr psychologically scarred, without any means of emotional or financial support. Our caring and dedicated staff accompanies them through every stage of their lives, being there for all of their major lifecycle events.


Chag Saveah Food Package Distribution System

Did you know that 1 in 10 Israeli families live below the poverty line, and that 35% of ALL children in Israel go hungry on a daily basis because their impoverished parents cannot afford to buy food?


Cohen Medical Center

The Cohen Medical Center was established in 2006. Located between the boys and girls campus in the heart of the foster village at Migdal Ohr, the medical center provides essential health care to the thousands of students at Migdal Ohr and the hundreds of families in the foster home village.


Ohr Yisraeli Youth Clubs

Ohr Yisraeli is an expanding network of 160 youth clubhouses in communities and cities throughout Israel. These clubs reach out to youth who are at risk of getting into trouble with the law or becoming victims of abuse or violence.


Prisoner Rehabilitation Program

Over 40 years ago, Rabbi Grossman went to a correctional facility to visit the brother of a young man that he met at one of the discos in Migdal HaEmek. Today, ten Israeli prisons facilitate what has since become a dynamic prisoner rehabilitation program.


Recreation Center

A recent and welcome addition to the boys campus is our new recreation center. The newly built center helped to solve the problem of a lack of space, facilities and equipment on campus for after school activities and programs. At the recreation center, students are provided diversified enrichment activities, homework assistance, club rooms for social activities.


Summer Camp Program

With the understanding that many children at Migdal Ohr have no suitable environment to be in over the summer vacation period, Migdal Ohr provides additional summer activities for its students. On average, more than 700 children,grades one through eight participate in the Summer Camp Program during the months of July and August.


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