Kiryat Migdal Ohr. Two hundred and ten apartments, on the spacious 22-acre tract of land adjoining the main campuses in Migdal HaEmek are filled with families who, in return for being provided with homes and employment, use their dwellings to provide foster homes for boys and girls too young to move into the Migdal Ohr dormitories. Thus, Rabbi Grossman and Migdal Ohr are able to provide shelter and love to hundreds more than they were previously able to.

Orthodox- Harari Youth. According to the Israeli government, they estimate there are over 10,000 Orthodox-Haredi youths who have dropped out of their traditional education system (Yeshivot) due to the contrast between their character and the nature of the education system they are required to attend. These boys generally suffer from a lack of educational social skills. In addition, many, who are considered non-conformists by their families, find themselves outside the home and community, and quickly deteriorate to a life on the street including alcohol and drugs addiction.

Migdal Ohr believes that by leveraging their aspirations, ideals and energy we will be able to ensure that given the right framework each and every one of these boys will be able to fulfill their potential and succeed in life. This unique project aims to support them and lead them to a significant change in their lives, from the street, to a brighter future where they will be able to complete their studies, serve their country and become independent, employable individuals who will contribute to their community and country.

The Zoharim Agricultural-Educational Youth Village which we have recently established in the Judean Mountains will provide the holistic education framework and unique vocational training ultimately becoming a home, a school and a workplace for these young people. After their graduation students will join the army.

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