Gan Yavne Campus

Migdal Ohr’s Gan Yavne Campus is home to Gan Yavne Academic College and Gan Yavne High School. Acquired in 2012 the Gan Yavne College was established first, as a joint initiative between Migdal Ohr and the Academic College of Ashkelon. Located just east of Ashdod, this college caters to young men from the Ultra-Orthodox community who want to pursue a university degree but are unable to thrive in a traditional university setting. This college has the full endorsement and support of the Council for Higher Education of Israel and provides an equal opportunity for this sector of society to acquire a prestigious academic degree on the way to optimal integration into the employment world.

Gan Yavne High School opened its doors last year (September 2014) to 60 students from towns in the geographical region between Rishon Le’Tzion and Be’er Sheva. The school follows the modern orthodox high school system, with religious studies taking place until lunch time, followed by secular studies until the early evening. The curriculum focuses on 28 units of study under Ministry of Education guidelines and has a strong focus on technology.

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