Midreshet Ha’Galil


This unique academy for new immigrant, teenage boys from the former Soviet Union is a cornerstone project of Migdal Ohr’s socio-educational endeavors. Located in Migdal HaEmek and established in 1993, the school is home to students from grades 8 through 13, most of whom are either orphaned, from broken homes, or from single-parent families originating in the former Soviet Union.

The school features three highly specialized faculties: science (including biology, physics and chemistry) ; technology (computer programming, electronics, and hardware) ; and free arts (geography and sports). Upon mastering a curriculum rigorous in both secular and Judaic studies, graduates receive a vocational degree in electronics, metal working, or computer graphics. The school’s post-graduate academic program specializes in electronics and engineering.

At Midreshet HaGalil, these teenagers are given the means and the opportunities to shine. Upon graduation many of them go on to become doctors, officers in the Israeli Defense Forces, teachers and community leaders. The academic excellence of Midreshet HaGalil and the achievements of our matriculating students have resulted in increased demand for admission. Accordingly, we have expanded the school, adding dormitories, classrooms, laboratories, a kitchen, a dining room, and a synagogue.

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