Metivta Middle School


This junior high school places an emphasis on building a strong educational foundation, as well as preparing them for one of the most significant phases in their lives – adolescence. The staff includes social workers and a school psychologist, and students participate in a variety of therapy programs.

Within each class, the students are divided according to their abilities and each level receives a variety of materials to assist in their development. In addition, there are smaller, individual learning groups and personal mentoring to reinforce those who are more academically challenged.

The school day is divided into two parts with the morning dedicated to religious studies and the afternoon to core subjects, according to the Ministry of Education’s guidelines. In the late afternoon the school provides a variety of extra-curricular activity options including capoeira, music, first aid, chess and more.

All students of Metivta live in modern, full-service, adult-supervised dormitories, which are located on the main campus.

The campus also consists of an indoor sports center which includes a weight and exercise room. In addition, the school houses a professional recording studio for the Boys Ohr Choir, which has performed internationally, at local events, and for many public figures and leaders. A carpentry workshop, dental clinic, laundromat, hairdresser and a snack kiosk are some of the unique features of this all-encompassing program.

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