Ma’or Yisrael


Ma’or Yisrael is a distinctive school for boys from extremely difficult backgrounds, most of whom are unable to sit in a formal education setting. Specifically, it is a vocational high school providing its students with basic studies in core subject areas and allowing students to select one of four unique vocational tracks: computer science, bookkeeping, kashrut supervisor, or a scribe. The latter two are under the auspices of the Israel Rabbinate.

The school has an entire dormitory building dedicated solely to it students, with a dormitory family consisting of a dozen of mothers and fathers and counselors, as well as a its own dining facilities and kitchen. During free time, students have access to a fully equipped recreation room and an outdoor, professional football (soccer) field.

In 2012, the school began to offer an additional culinary arts program entitled Mevashlim L’Atid – “Cooking for a Future.”

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