Gan Yavne Junior High School

Migdal Ohr’s southern campus at Gan Yavne opened its doors in September 2014 to 60 students from towns in the geographical region between Rishon Le’Tzion and Be’er Sheva. The school follows the modern orthodox high school system, with religious studies taking place until lunch time followed by secular studies until the early evening.

The curriculum focuses on 28 units of study under the Ministry of Education guidelines and has a strong focus on technology.

Currently, the school is open to junior high school students. In 2015, Gan Yavne accepted 120 students and by 2016, the school will operate as a junior high and high school with approximately 250 students. Within the next five years, the school hopes to accept between 350- 400 students.

In its first and current phase, the school is operating as a day school with an extended study day. Students commute daily and receive meals on campus. The second phase, which is expected to take place in three years, will allow for the development of on-campus housing so that the school can serve as a boarding school, in addition to accommodating students who commute.

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