Migdal Ohr’s kindergarten program is designed to provide pre-school aged children with a nurturing learning environment that promotes the healthy and balanced development of each child’s physical, intellectual, social and emotional needs.

There are five kindergartens dispersed through the Migdal HaEmek campus, each with two classes for 3 to 4 ½ year olds and 4 ½ to 6 year olds. Together, they are the daytime home to more than 300 children from families at the lower end of the socio-economic spectrum.

The children are cared for by a loving and dedicated staff, many of whom are graduates of the Migdal Ohr educational system themselves. In addition to playtime, meal-time and nap time, the children also benefit from a variety of enriching educational activities such as, animal workshops, gymnastics, holiday celebrations, dancing and music. Summer time programs are also offered to help full-time working parents.

Migdal Ohr’s early childhood program provides each child with a strong start on their educational path.

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