Pninat Ohr Elementary School


The Migdal Ohr Girls Elementary School, well renowned for its high-level educational programming and specialized extra-curricular activities, is home to students ranging from grades 1 through 8. The school caters to students from diverse backgrounds; most of them come from broken homes, are orphaned or are from single-parent families.

The girls are residents of Migdal Ha’Emek and its environs or live in the Migdal Ohr Foster Village. In addition to providing both Jewish and core secular studies, the school’s enrichment and extra-curricular activities include music, dance, yoga and drama. Due to the generosity of an American Friends of Migdal Ohr board member, the school recently added a petting zoo with seven different types of animal species: budgies, doves, guinea pigs, parrots, quails, rabbits and roosters.

Pninat Ohr also has a Special Education school housed within its facilities. This school, called Pirchey Ohra, provides an especially adapted educational framework for girls with learning disabilities and emotional issues. The unique program aims at later integrating students into the traditional school system. In small, personalized classes, students receive a variety of therapies including movement occupational, art, music and cooking therapy. The girls are very much a part of the larger school and participate in class trips and activities along with their peers at Pninat Ohr. The school focuses on developing cognitive, educational and social skills, strengthening sensory motor skills, and providing emotional support and tools for life.

Pninat Ohr was recently named in memory of Rabbi Grossman’s mother z”l, a true pillar of chesed, renowned for her dedication in helping others and showering them with love, affection, wisdom and guidance.

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