Day Care


Migdal Ohr’s day care centres were established in 1978 to provide loving care to infants aged two months to three years old. The centres offer services for free or at a subsidized rate to allow parents to seek employment to better their financial position.

There are four day care centres – Isaacs, Batya, Simchat Ohr and Mitzpe – dispersed throughout the Migdal HaEmek campus. Together, they are the daytime home to over 240 children from families at the lower end of the socio-economic spectrum. 

Each centre is equipped with a playroom, and offers a wide range of enriching activities such as movement, rhythmic music, a mobile petting zoo and yoga.

The centres also care for orphaned children living in Migdal Ohr’s foster home village. These children receive fresh meals daily, and are cared for by a devoted and loving staff. 

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