“Tzur Yisrael” Vocational School in Afula


Migdal Ohr, in conjunction with the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, has established a unique educational framework for the at-risk, Israeli teenagers who attend the Tzur Yisrael Vocational School. Here, students focus on learning a marketable trade so that they can then go on to pursue a respectable profession and become productive citizens.

The school currently has 45 students, from 8th-12th grade. Tzur Yisrael provides these troubled youth with the opportunity to finish their general education to the level of complete or partial matriculation, while also receiving comprehensive professional training, ensuring that each student has mastered a trade upon graduation. Thus, the students will be entitled to their matriculation certificates from the Ministry of Education in addition to a certificate from the Ministry of Industry and Trade in CNC Computerized Metal Working and Development.

The students begin their day with Talmudic studies, continue with general studies and end with professional training in a unique factory setting where they implement their knowledge and skills. Within this framework, each student’s educational, physical and emotional needs are also attended to. At the end of each day of studies, students participate in various social activities, including volunteering within the city, afternoon trips, and informal programs. Upon returning to their dormitories, students have the opportunity to use recreational facilities including a gymnasium and club rooms. Other than the educational staff at the school, support services are provided by social workers and psychologists as well as counselors who are available whenever necessary.

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