Mevashlim L’Atid “Cooking for a Future”


In 2012, Migdal Ohr teamed up with Shimon Shoval to establish “Cooking for a Future,” a unique project for training Migdal Ohr’s students in the fields of culinary art, tourism and hospitality. Shoval is an entrepreneur and former CEO of the ISS Group (ranked the world’s best outsourcing service providers) who has vast experience in commercial catering.

“Cooking for a Future” provides Migdal Ohr’s students with the outstanding opportunity to train for a profession which is currently in high demand by the tourism industry in Israel. Furthermore, considering Migdal Ohr’s strong connection with the IDF, students graduating from the project will have the opportunity to enlist in the IDF as chefs.

The program has received approval from the Ministries of Education and of Industry and Trade, therefore allowing participants to take the matriculation examination in the field of tourism and hotel management, as well as receiving a certificate as a “Level 1 Chef” from the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The program is now hosted on the Migdal Ohr campus at Migdal HaEmek in the newly built recreation complex. Facilities at the complex include two workshops (one meat and one dairy), with twelve workstations in each. Each workstation has an oven, electric stove-top, work surface, sink and utensils (an assortment of knives, bowls, ladles, pots etc.). The workstations are designed to serve two students at a time. The center has refrigeration and storage units. In addition to culinary training, the students are being introduced to the intricacies of the dining room, completing their training in the field of hosting. This segment is also recognized by the Ministry of Education for purposes of matriculation exam grading.

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