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Mevashlim L’Atid-  “Cooking for a Future”

In 2012, Migdal Ohr teamed up with Shimon Shoval to establish “Cooking for a Future,” a unique project for training Migdal Ohr’s students in the fields of culinary art, tourism and hospitality. Shoval is an entrepreneur and former CEO of the ISS Group (ranked the world’s best outsourcing service providers) who has vast experience in commercial catering.


The “Sulamot” Program in partnership with the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra

Sulamot, a joint project of the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra (IPO) and Migdal Ohr, focuses on teaching approximately 40 students each year how to play classical wind instruments and perform in the school’s orchestra. Founded in 2010, by American Friends of Migdal Ohr Board Member, Jerry Seligsohn, Sulamot was created to bring music education to Israel’s neediest children and enhance their artistic development.


“Tzur Yisrael”- Vocational School in Afula

Migdal Ohr, in conjunction with the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, has established a unique educational framework for the at-risk, Israeli teenagers who attend the Tzur Yisrael Vocational School. Here, students focus on learning a marketable trade so that they can then go on to pursue a respectable profession and become productive citizens.


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