Migdal Ohr has 16 schools on three campuses based across Israel.
The organization educates more than 12,000 students annually.

Day Care

Migdal Ohr’s day care centers were established in 1978. There are now four day care centers that care for over 200 children, from newborns to three years old, who are from underprivileged or single-parent homes.



Migdal Ohr has five kindergartens, serving more than 300 children daily. In addition to playtime, meal-time and nap time, these institutions provide pre-school age children with a proper start on the educational path.


Elementary schools

Our main campus in Migdal HaEmek has three elementary schools, one of which includes a special needs track for girls with physical and/or learning disabilities.


Arts & Sciences

In addition to a top-tier academic curriculum, Migdal Ohr offers impressive vocational programs that include training in professional cooking, hospitality industry management, and computerized metalworking. For those who are musically inclined, Migdal Ohr offers a unique orchestra program (in partnership with the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra) for elementary school students of the Machshavah Multicultural School.


Middle School
& High School

Migdal Ohr has six middle and high school programs for both boys and girls located on the Migdal HaEmek campus and two additional schools for boys (the Zoharim Agricultural –Educational Youth Village and Gan Yavne Junior High School) offsite. All of the schools have full dormitory facilities, laboratories, computers centers, libraries, a synagogue, and dining hall.


Higher Education

In 2012, Migdal Ohr embarked on its first foray into higher education with the establishment of the Gan Yavne Academic College. This university, located in Israel’s southern region, was founded to provide a fully accredited academic education for Ultra-Orthodox men who study Torah during the day and attend classes at Gan Yavne in the evenings.


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