Bridal Fund

Young girls enter Migdal Ohr often psychologically scarred. It’s a joy to see them grow up to become happy and confident young women, fully prepared to marry and raise a family filled with the warmth and stability that was lacking in their own childhoods. These women dream about their wedding day and building a home, but underneath this dream is a terrible fear – they often have little or no money to pay for the most basic wedding.

Established in 2007, Migdal Ohr’s Bridal Fund helps alumni couples in Israel who do not have the means for even a modest wedding. For a $5,000 bridal sponsorship, a couple receives a full wedding which includes a wedding dress, invitations, a ceremony and reception venue, catering, and a one-man band to enhance their special day. Additionally, they are provided with financial assistance which covers rent, furniture, appliances, and various household items. There are over 150 Migdal Ohr alumni couples who get married each year, and every dollar donated to the Bridal Fund goes directly to the couple in need.

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