Bar/Bat Mitzvah Twinnings


Migdal Ohr’s Bar and Bat Mitzvah Twinning Program offers an extraordinary opportunity for your child to share his or her simcha with an underprivileged boy or girl at Migdal Ohr. Your entire family can participate in a celebration on the actual Migdal HaEmek campus in Northern Israel or from your home anywhere in the world! This is a deeply meaningful experience and a truly rewarding gift. 

From your hometown

The occasion of your Simcha can provide a meaningful Bar or Bat Mitzvah to a less-fortunate Migdal Ohr boy or girl, even if you cannot make it to Israel to celebrate with them. You can personally sponsor a Bar or Bat Mizvah party at Migdal Ohr for an individual student or an entire class!

On Campus – currently not available 

Your child can celebrate his or her Bar or Bat Mitzvah on the Migdal HaEmek campus in Israel. The celebration will be shared with a male or female student at Migdal Ohr . For that student, whose life has been filled with poverty and neglect, often without a family of their own with whom to celebrate this momentous occasion, the connection with a loving, supportive family during this special time is particularly significant. This will also be a truly meaningful experience for the participating family! Additionally, it is one of Rabbi Grossman’s greatest joys to participate in these Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations, and he does his best to be there to take part in the simcha, schedule permitting.

The basic Bar or Bat Mitzvah sponsorship package includes a party for all of the students of one class in a beautiful hall on campus, with a full celebratory meal, a photographer and a band.

Bar Mitzvah packages start at $7,500 and include a pair of tefillin for one Migdal Ohr student. Bat Mitzvah packages begin at $7,000, and include a siddur for the young lady.

These packages serve 10 of your guests, with a cost of $75 per each additional guest.

More elaborate celebrations can be arranged, for an additional cost, and Migdal Ohr can customize your simcha to meet your needs. To arrange a Bar or Bat Mitzvah Twinning Celebration on campus please contact your local Friends Of Migdal Ohr office.

Sponsorship costs are as follows:

$3,000 Bar Mitzvah Party for a Migdal Ohr Class (includes a pair of tefillin for the Bar Mitzvah boy)
$2,500 Bat Mitzvah Party for a Migdal Ohr Class
$750 Pair of Tefillin and a suit and shoes for a Migdal Ohr Bar Mitzvah Boy
$750 Sponsor a Migdal Ohr Bat Mitzvah Girl to go on a class Bat Mitzvah trip with her mother, and receive a necklace or bracelet and a personalized book

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